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Paris Baguette




Yum, stopped by Soho, Paris Baguette in Hmart yesterday. Soho has the best bon chon chicken, if you have not tried them yet, they are korean fried chicken wings that are extra crispy. The flavor is similar to a toned down general tso chicken. It’s a little sweet, tangy, garlic – y and spicy if you get the spicy kind. I also picked up some goodies from Paris Baguette, love their pastries and sweets. Most of the stuff I get are always light in flavor and texture and not extremely sweet, which I love. Here are some photos of the macarons, red velvet cupcake and cronut. The cronut isn’t the same as the original, it has more of a lemon kick to it but it’s still good. Thanks for reading, I would love for you to enjoy these goodies with me 🙂

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Hello, so I love cooking and trying to make things from scratch. I haven’t tried making breads yet, but I will definitely get to that when I get the chance. So, this week I made salted caramel pudding and decided I would try to turn it into “ice cream”. Well, it turned out pretty good. I used a basic homemade vanilla pudding recipe with eggs, I know some people don’t use eggs, and I added my homemade salted caramel to get the salted caramel pudding. Then I just mixed in some heavy cream the next day and put it in the freezer. I took it out about 3 hours later to mix some air into it and put it back to freeze over night and it turned out pretty good, but really creamy. As for specific measurements, I’m sorry I don’t have it because I usually eyeball things but basically use any of your favorite pudding recipe, add as much caramel to your tasting then put in cream (a little less than half of your pudding) I believe. Today, I made sliders for my little brother, I promised I didn’t eat any even though I was tempted. I went to the gym, came home and made tomorrow lunch, just grilled chicken, brown rice and a side of salad with raspberry vinaigrette. YUM! Thanks for reading!




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Day off: Spending QT with my baby brother!






Just wanted to share my day with you guys from yesterday. I just went to walk around the mall a little, got some sushi and chicken teriyaki because i was craving for sushi! I got the lobster roll, it was so good! I also got some energy and power juice. My baby brother is obsessed with Michael Jackson right now, so when he seen these hats in Forever 21 he asked me to snap a picture of him posing like him lols. Then, we went to Chuck E Cheese afterwards, came home and played Just Dance 4 that we just bought. That thing is a work out! I love it though, because I do it when I don’t go to the gym like today. It’s freezing out, and I have a sore throat, so I just stayed home, watched Pretty Little Liars and played Just Dance 4. Alrighty, hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!

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Reviews and Catching up








Hello, so today I finally bought a mixer. I’ve always wanted the kitchen aid stand mixer, but that’ll have to wait. I went to Target and found the Sunbeam hand and stand mixer for $50, so decided to just get it. I need a new mixer anyways because my old hand mixer broke. So this will do for now, but once I get the chance I will get the kitchen aid. I tested it out earlier and it was okay. The material is really light plastic and if you use it as a hand mixer, it sort of scratches the mixing bowl. Im going to use it to make macarons tomorrow hopefully. Anyways, so with all the bb cream hype, I decided to look for one. I got a sample of the dior one a month ago from sephora as a free gift and I liked it, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to splurge on a bb cream. So, today I went to look for a drug store one and heard a lot about the maybelline bb cream. I haven’t used it yet, so I’ll do a review on that later. I just realized that I ran out of the Caudalie Complexion Correcting Serum. It’s been about a month now, and I have been using consistently at the most part. I mentioned that I would do a review on it. It’s moiturizing and it leaves my skin feeling smooth. It didn’t do much for my complexion and scars especially for something that cost $75! Im better off using the olay serums.

Also, I’ve just been getting back to the gym this week and tomorrows my day off so I’m really looking forward to that. Im hoping to my reach my goal by summer and hopefully post a before and after picture. Generally, I’m doing it to be fit and healthy though. I’ve been eating healthier for about two years now and I used to get sick very often but now I haven’t been sick ever since but I don’t want to jynx myself (knock on wood.) Yesterday I made Louisiana Chicken Pasta, but a little healthier with whole wheat pasta and grilled chicken, etc. It turned out reallly really good! Will definitely be making it again in the future. Today, my mom made a spicy thai fish. It’s so good, I love when she makes it. The sauce on top is fish sauce, lime, chills, garlic, ginger and stuff. And lastly, just wanted to share a picture of my Princess waiting for me on the stairs like always lols shes so crazy and cute. Alrighty, thanks for reading! That was a long one ;P Also just a close up picture of one of my favorite look I did for the holidays.


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Hello, here we go again back to Mondays lol. I don’t think I’ll ever look forward to Mondays. So, this week I just went to one of my friend’s surprise birthday. It was fun watching everyone goof off. I don’t really go out much. I do want to go out more, but as my friends and I start to get older, we start to drift apart, become lazy and don’t do much anymore, I don’t know.. Anyways, so I basically spent the whole weekend playing WII with my baby brother because I bought some new games and we’ve been addicted to mario kart lols. I made some green tea frappe using milk, honey, matcha powder and ice turned out really good!! And I was snacking on french toast with condensed milk with my little brother. It’s something my parents used to eat when I was a kid, if you haven’t tried it you should it’s yummy. Also, I noticed I haven’t drawn in a very long time. I started drawing since middle school and lately I haven’t done any. Im not good or anything, I just like to draw random things. My little brother asked me to draw batman and here is a picture of it. It’s really sloppy. I need to get back to drawing and practice. And I ended my weekend with laundering and cleaning. Well, hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

greenteafrape toastandcondensedmilk batman room


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Lazy day

Hello, I was feeling bummy today and my boss didn’t come in to work today, so I decided to dress down and wore a white loose knitted sweater, black scarf, burgundy jeans and brown booties. It was freezing today, but I went and got some frozen yogurt. It’s never too cold for frozen yogurt! ;). I got home late today, so didn’t feel like going out or anything, so just made myself a mug of vanilla chai and watched some old anime. I always feel nostalgic,so I like to take a walk down memory lane here and there by doing things I used to do as a kid. Here are is a photo summary of today ;). thanks for reading!




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Hello, I been craving sushi lately, but decided I wanted to try different ways of eating nori, and I came across spam musubi and onigiri. I made spam musubi yesterday, so today I decided to try and make onigiri. I’ve always wanted some when I seen it on Pokemon lols, even though I thought they were jelly filled donuts at the time because that’s what they called them. So, I decided to make my own kind of onigiri. I didn’t have the right kind of rice so I just made a sushi type rice. I grilled beef and bacon in butter, brown sugar and soy sauce. It was so good, then I tossed it in mayos and sriricha, and soy sauce, might seem odd but try it! It’s like spicy mayonnaise, but this is optional. Then I filled the rice balls shaped it and wrapped it in crispy nori. It turned out really. good. I also made some hot cocoa mixed with sipping chocolate earlier topped with a load of whipped cream, so bad, but so good. Thanks for reading ;).



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Santa Paws

one more post ;). I picked up some Chrismas items today and a santa outfit for my love Princess. Here are some pictures from today and our earlier jog, she was looking really scruffy lols.




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Happy Holidays!

Hello! It’s been a while! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break, for those of you who celebrates it. I had a nice time off eating and eating and eating with friends and family lols. I also spent three days shopping back to back, but ended up with like 3 items. This post won’t be too long because I need to head to bed soon. Just thought I share some photos from this weekend, which includes the food that I cooked for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating. I was so drained, but I wanted to just hurry up and wrap some of the gifts, so that I don’t have to hide it, so yeah the wrapping doesn’t look so pretty and the tree was decorated by my little brother. Alright, thanks for reading, enjoy! 😉







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Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Hello! So every year, my friends and I gather together to have a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner, as if I can afford to eat anymore lols. That’s the only thing I don’t like about the holiday seasons, FOOD FOOD FOOD EVERYWHERE, and new year’s come and my resolution is the same thing: lose weight lols. Anyways, I bought and tried Rumchata for the first time. It was pretty good, it’s a little strong though, you can definitely tell that it has rum in it. I don’t know about everyone else, but when I sip it I taste the rum first then the after taste is a the light horchata taste. I like horchata, that’s why I really wanted to try this. I drank it straight, so next time I might wanna mix it with something. I also made my signature pina colada that my friends taught me when I was in college. However, this time I decided to add some Malibu rum. It turned out great! I love pina colada. One of my friend also introduced me to Roscato last night, it was good, tasted like a bubbly red wine, which is exactly what it was lols. I had my favorite moscato, but we didn’t get to it, so I’m saving it for Thanksgiving, hopefully. Alrighty, here are some picture of the food from last night, everything was homemade. Also, just wanted to share my outfit. Just something simple. Thanks for reading. Enjoy!


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