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Paris Baguette




Yum, stopped by Soho, Paris Baguette in Hmart yesterday. Soho has the best bon chon chicken, if you have not tried them yet, they are korean fried chicken wings that are extra crispy. The flavor is similar to a toned down general tso chicken. It’s a little sweet, tangy, garlic – y and spicy if you get the spicy kind. I also picked up some goodies from Paris Baguette, love their pastries and sweets. Most of the stuff I get are always light in flavor and texture and not extremely sweet, which I love. Here are some photos of the macarons, red velvet cupcake and cronut. The cronut isn’t the same as the original, it has more of a lemon kick to it but it’s still good. Thanks for reading, I would love for you to enjoy these goodies with me 🙂

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Macaron Challenge

Hello, whoever has tried making Parisian macarons know that  it’s not a piece of cake ;). Well, for some, maybe, but if you’re not a baker, you might not do so well. I don’t like baking like that because it’s too precise, I like to eyeball. I’ve been trying out many different recipes trying to perfect my macarons, even the italian meringue method is much more easier because it’s harder to mess up, however I just get too nervous because I think I’ll mess up the sugar syrup stage involving a candy thermometer. Anywho, this is my third attempt. I did improve and I used the french meringue method, which I dread because it’s so easy to mess up. However, I still have to work on it because the “feet” isn’t perfect, but they always taste great. I decided to make pumpkin spice with lemon butter cream and pumpkin spice. The rest of the photos are from the rest of the other days of food and desserts I made and my dinner date with my cousin down town Philly and lastly my cutie pie Princess, she loves sleeping under the Christmas tree (and yes, I still haven’t taken it down yet lols). Alrighty, thanks for reading, good night!






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Christmas Village

Hello loves. My little brother was bugging me to go eat early this morning, so we went and I felt so bloated and wanted to walk it off a little. So, we went to the mall close by and walked and walked and walked. On our way home, I decided to stop in center city to grab some frozen yogurt and remembered that there was a Christmas Village set up around there, so ended up going there too, however we parked kinda far so we had to walk again. Overall, we had a great time though, the city was so pretty. I love walking in the city during the holidays and enjoying all the decors. The highlight of today was when my little brother told me a home is not home if you don’t have your family there. Thanks for reading. 😉




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Sunday funday sorta ;)

Hey! What a long day. Started the day off bright and early at the AIDS walk with my friends. We finished the 8 mile walk! ;). My feet was dying! We went out to eat dim sum in Chinatown afterwards, stopped in the bakeries and bubble tea cafe. On our way out, we decided to go to the mall and then out to eat AGAIN at TGIF. I can’t believe after hours of walking, we still walked through the mall and ate and ate ;)! I had lots of fun though enjoying my friends company. It’s a big comedy show every time we get together. Sorry I’m uploading these pictures from my phone, so I hope it looks okay. I’m too tired to fix the pictures today. So sore! Can’t wait to soak in my new bath bombs from LUSH and go to bed. Thanks for reading! Enjoy! 😉

I look a mess

Summary of today

Dark pictures, sorry didn’t have time to edit like that

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Hello! ;)

Hello lovelies! I was looking for a new hobby and my friend told me I should blog. At first, I was hesitant because I felt like you needed to be a good writer or have this awesome life to blog, and I don’t think I have either of those, but here I am!  I am a 23 year old somewhat recent college graduate still on a journey to find my passion and career. For the most part, my blog will be a personal blog that mimics my Instagram which generally includes: food, makeup, outfits, nail, pick-ups and basically sharing my simple moments with you! I hope you all enjoy and thank you so much for reading this! If you like, follow me on Instagram: nancypx3 🙂


I live in philadelphia, pa. Here are my favorite shots of the Ben Franklin Bridge between philly and new jersey. I took these pictures when I took my family out to eat for hibachi for my dad’s birthday.

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