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Paris Baguette




Yum, stopped by Soho, Paris Baguette in Hmart yesterday. Soho has the best bon chon chicken, if you have not tried them yet, they are korean fried chicken wings that are extra crispy. The flavor is similar to a toned down general tso chicken. It’s a little sweet, tangy, garlic – y and spicy if you get the spicy kind. I also picked up some goodies from Paris Baguette, love their pastries and sweets. Most of the stuff I get are always light in flavor and texture and not extremely sweet, which I love. Here are some photos of the macarons, red velvet cupcake and cronut. The cronut isn’t the same as the original, it has more of a lemon kick to it but it’s still good. Thanks for reading, I would love for you to enjoy these goodies with me 🙂

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Macaron Challenge

Hello, whoever has tried making Parisian macarons know that  it’s not a piece of cake ;). Well, for some, maybe, but if you’re not a baker, you might not do so well. I don’t like baking like that because it’s too precise, I like to eyeball. I’ve been trying out many different recipes trying to perfect my macarons, even the italian meringue method is much more easier because it’s harder to mess up, however I just get too nervous because I think I’ll mess up the sugar syrup stage involving a candy thermometer. Anywho, this is my third attempt. I did improve and I used the french meringue method, which I dread because it’s so easy to mess up. However, I still have to work on it because the “feet” isn’t perfect, but they always taste great. I decided to make pumpkin spice with lemon butter cream and pumpkin spice. The rest of the photos are from the rest of the other days of food and desserts I made and my dinner date with my cousin down town Philly and lastly my cutie pie Princess, she loves sleeping under the Christmas tree (and yes, I still haven’t taken it down yet lols). Alrighty, thanks for reading, good night!






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Thai Soap Opera

Hello, I had this whole week off from work, but all I did was lounge around at home eat and watch Thai soap operas. I am getting too used to this lazy life. I’m not sure what to do for New Year’s yet, but I will definitely do a New Year’s look. I don’t have anything interesting going on this week, so I will just share photos with you of a Thai dessert I made this week call kanom krok and my mom’s congee. Thanks for reading! 😉



Imageand I got a hair cut recently but I am not happy with the bangs, it’s too straight, so can’t wait til it grows out.

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Pick me up!

Hello loves! It’s been a while, I think. Tomorrow, my friends and I are getting together to cook a pre-thanksgiving dinner. We try to do this every year and one of my friends asked me to make tiramisu. Last year, I made it for the first time and didn’t give it enough time to sit in the fridge, so it was falling apart. I never tried making it ever again after that. Last night, I decided to give it another try using whatever ingredients I had on hand. I decided to be brave and make up my own recipe as I go. And on top of that, I made my own lady fingers for the first time! Everything turned out well, surprisingly! (Pat on back) ;). I wished I would’ve added rum, but I didn’t because my little brothers and stuff will be eating it too. I’ve been wanting something with rum lately because I’ve been stuck on Pirates of the Carribean! And if you’ve ever watched it, you’ll see how they’re obsessed with Rum lols. Idk, I’m weird when I watch movies, it makes me crave for the stuff. Like in Matilda, I’ve always wanted those chocolate candies! And Spongebob, I’ve always wondered what the Krabby Patty taste like. Lols, alrighty here are some photos of my tiramisu. I didn’t have a pan and had to use a round bowl so it was a little hard to cut it neatly. Also, the one in the glass cup was a taste test when I was making it. Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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I know the hurricane is passing through right now, but I felt like baking. :-/. I decided to try and make some brownies. This is my first attempt, they turned out pretty good! ;). Okay, stay safe everyone! Thanks for reading.


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First time Fondant User

Hey guys! Hope your weekend is going well so far. My baby brother’s 7th birthday is this Monday and he asked if I can make him a mortal kombat themed cake with his favorite character – Scorpion. I never worked with fondant before and I’m the worst when it comes to baking, but I decided to give it a try. I made my own marshmallow fondant, which tasted really good, so I’m glad I did that. I actually hand made everything — the cake batter, butter cream, fondant and mousse filling. I decided on chocolate pound cake, chocolate mousse filling and butter cream icing for the fondant. I went with chocolate because he loves chocolate. Everything tastes good individually so far, so I hope it turns out good altogether! The cake however wasn’t my favorite, I won’t be using that recipe again. I used Odense’s almond candy to sculpt the figure instead of my fondant because I got so lazy. Everything’s really sloppy because I didn’t have much time and I didn’t have all the right tools. I had to improvise. I used chopsticks to paint and write lols. I won’t have time to do this tomorrow because I have to get up early to go to the AIDS walk with my friends. I feel like my blog is turning into a food blog lols. It won’t be ;). Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy!

Butter cream icing process

Taking a break lols, made green tea frappe

Final result, sorta

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Reunited with my love-Macarons! ;)

I was contemplating on whether or not I should get macarons. There are some macarons in Philadelphia, but they don’t taste good at all. The only place that has good macarons around here are in Newark, DE or NYC, which is way too far! Newark is actually around my work place, however with all the traffic, it takes a while and it’s not on the way home, so it’s like double the trip from work to home. Also, I wanted to beat traffic. With the weather looking so pretty, I decided to just go and grab some macarons from Newark (they have macarons that they get from MacarOn cafe in NYC, so they’re pretty much worth the trip.) So, I ran into the cafe, grabbed 12 macarons in different flavors and what do you know? I run into traffic! It’s my biggest pet peeve, I’m the most impatient person ever! ;(, but those macarons were definitely worth it! We meet once again my love lols ;)! Thanks for reading! Take care.


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